“GI Joe and He-Man are mostly atomically correct, they are “close enough”.
Gregory Smith

Do not project your own father onto my dad. You have a father, I have a dad; huge different between the meaning of both words.

Let me show you how a lot of things you know about gender are completely wrong or are just bullshit made up decades ago.

Blue used to be a girls color and pink was a boys color. Pink looks like blood on cloth or maybe it looks intense, whatever the reason it was considered a stronger color in the past. Meanwhile blue was a “gentle” and “passive” color, much like society wanted women to be.

Then Hitler and a mistake in an American clothing company happened. No one is sure if Hitler making homosexuals wear a pink badge or a clothing company going against the societal norm, were the factor that changed how we see color and gender.

A lot of male names used to be female and vice-versa.

Females are also bigger and more aggressive in a lot of different species, we are one of the exceptions because male primates fight among each other for mates. This is on top of meat becoming an important part of the diet and wide birthing hips aren’t the best thing for chasing animals.

According to several sections of the bible, any woman who wears a skirt is wearing a man’s garment is doomed to go to hell or is just a sinner. The skirt was the ancient world’s counterpart to tactical spec-ops pants, it was designed and used specifically by soldiers. At the time that meant it was a man’s garment, and it likely had such meaning when the older parts of the bible were put down.

But since you likely have no idea what any of that meant, because you haven’t understood earlier (I’m sorry I have to assume such based on your previous patterns, I would like to have more faith in you), I am just going to finish this up with something blunt.

A state in America drug-tested people on food-stamps, they found almost no people were on drugs, they wasted millions of dollars testing people, and the guy who was behind the idea was caught snorting tons of cocaine. Comedians left and right made fun of this case, it as hilarious.


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