I’m curious what the author thinks about infant male circumcision/ male genital cutting?

For the record, I have been circumcised.

I forgot I was the last three months, pretty much nothing is wrong with me.

I mean, I’m still really hormonal and such; I still have fun and all that.

But I think circumcision can stop now because well….I am not Jewish, I shower regularly, I’m not stupid enough to not use condoms or not get myself tested, and my dad reports I had nightmares after it happened.

Honestly, I want this practice to die; but I want people to stop demonizing it as much.

If I was a girl and I was circumcised, my genitals would be hacked or sewn.

The only way I could be in pain now from what happened, is if I rub myself raw.

Which is something women can do too…..

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