The comments on this thing are bonkers.

How can I be oppressed and the oppressor, when I have no power, no money, a dim future, and my vote means nothing?

Explain that to me.

The only reason I have anything is because I live in America, I have people in the family who can pass things down, and I get lucky enough to use my intelligence to get by.

Men are more likely to be homeless, they also get less help.

Men are much more likely to die from almost all causes.

Men go missing and no one says anything on the news.

So yes, you are oppressed and life sucks.

But guess what, it’s not fucking me doing it to you.

If anything, you are hurting me more then I am hurting you; because you are calling me an oppressor when I am not.

People like you give people like me shit for just breathing.

I lived off food stamps for years, I still eat cheap lunch meat all the time.

Get the fuck off our backs.

You likely have the latest phone or at least are four models ahead of me.

You are more privileged then I am.