God, that was hard to read.
Giulia Blasi

I have been called an oppressor by many, many feminists.

I’m an education major who does more reading about politics, war, economics, and religion then you spend eating.

I actually spend three times what you spend eating, maybe even four or five times.

There is school, there is sleep, and then there is reading.

And I can tell you that I know a lot about oppressors and oppressed people.

I am not an oppressor, I’m to powerless and poor to be an oppressor.

You can’t be raped and rape at the same time, you can’t be the predator and the victim.

Now, I wanted to be on your side; but you want to oppose me and people like me.

So, all I can say is good luck.

Good luck “Freedom Fighter” be sure to do like the Fire Fighters.

Because remember, you are oppressed and that means you deserve to claw to the top so you can oppress as well.

But you will never get there. You’re just another powerless person fighting me.