I’m hardly in the MRA bandwagon, I’m not even a dues-paying member.
Gregory Smith

“I’m hardly in the MRA bandwagon, I’m not even a dues-paying member. However, I support their ideas, it’s about time someone speak for men who are discriminated against in this country not just by the feminists but by political correctness and diversity in general.”

Political correctness is not something that discriminates against men. It’s a system of what will or won’t get you killed in Stalinist Russia, that is the ordinal definition.

How can something be “Politically Correct” but be something that would ruin your political career?

Pandering is modern political correctness, giving in so you can get elected.

Remember when Mitt Romney was a moderate Conservative, but he suddenly became further to the right to get elected? You know, when he “flip-flopped” or “sold out”.

That’s political correctness.

“Things have gotten a lot worse since I graduated college in 2000. Now kids are being taught to “check your privilege” and that mentality is starting to escape academia.”

Bullshit. I have been inside two community colleges and I have friends going to uni, there is none of that shit anywhere near the colleges here. The mentally isn’t even really part of academia as academia is afraid to mention it’s own religions and voting preferences. I’m an education major, the furthermost the field goes to the left is wanting more funding for the poorer schools and more assistant teaching students English.

“I have seen shows I love such as The Big Bang Theory attacked for “not having enough diversity.” Now the PC forces are whining that 50% of films should be directed by women, people are losing their minds and they don’t see it.”

I have seen shows attacked over and over again, because they had one gay guy on them. Perish the thought. There is 20 large bases on Youtube covering twice each every little thing said on the internet by women or men no one has heard of.

Oh no, some person said a thing on Twitter! Quickly, blow it out of proportion, fear-monger, and make three hours of content!

“The MRA is a buffer zone against unbridled feminism. It’s the same reason there’s a lot of hatred against hipsters and metrosexual. Personally, I don’t care if a man is feminine and walks with a stupid messenger bag and those horrible tattoos and ridiculous beard, but once they try to change our society, I take a stand against them.”

Hipsters don’t even really exist, you know that right? Who wants to be a hipster? How can a hipster technically exist if they are so mainstream? Wouldn’t hipsters be so anti-mainstream as to make up their own terms for themselves constantly?

Oh no! Men shave themselves and trim their beards like it’s the 1800s and they have a fancy party to go to! Perish the thought!

Stupid messenger bag. You really must hate Indiana Jones and the Postal Service.

Ridiculous beard…. So if we shave and trim we are bad, but if we grow it out like Jesus it’s bad.

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