I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but I do sincerely hope you do more studying…
Giulia Blasi

It’s not studying. It’s furtherance of the spirit and chasing one’s passion.

“ It made me think of all the actual entitled morons out there, the ones who go on and on thinking that white men are oppressed by feminism.”

My point is this:

You called me entitled and you said a movement that said I have to crush my balls on an empty bus to make room for people when women have a purse take up a seat all the time, is not keeping me down.

It is.

For one it’s wasting my time and two it let’s women do something stupid but won’t let me do something all men do for comfort.

In other words, it’s a sexist movement.

It’s a sexist movement that says I need to be taught not to rape or hit people, when my own mother hit me.

I didn’t even hit her back in self-defense.

So seriously, stop having you eyes glaze over and fail to read the message.

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