Look, kid.
Giulia Blasi

“Look, kid.”

I actually am 20. I might be older then you actually, I am older then most people on the internet.

“I am many things, but not a therapist.”

No you are not, if you were you would notice that my statements have been as hostile as someone asking you “Are you sure? What about this?” on the street. If you were a therapist you would notice this is likely projection and likely a sign of some kind of paranoia.

But since you weren’t actually reading what I said and didn’t do any reflecting on your statements or mine, you completely didn’t understand what was being said.

“I have no idea where you’re coming from or what your problems are, or why your mum hit you.”

She hit me for the same reason you say I need a therapist, because she projected any lack of submission as aggression.

“I do not know and frankly do not care why you seem to harbour such resentment towards all women.”

How dare I resent people who beat and lie to me. How dare I feel feelings and be wary of people who have done me wrong. How dare I not trust you, when you think I an dangerous when I am an education major.

I work with small children. I own a stuffed bunny from my sister because she knew I wanted to get away from mom.

You are more likely to hurt yourself then I am you. Considering that you are a woman, the odds you trying to kill yourself are much higher then a man trying to kill you.

“By the look of it, you do need therapy, because you don’t sound happy. You sound aimlessly resentful.”

Actually no. I am actually much happier then you are. Scientifically I should have a very narrow range of emotions, but considering I have emotions much stronger then women and have much more control over them; I am lucky.

I was a hundred times more anger then my mother and yet I never lifted a finger on her.

“You really want to work on that, instead of lashing out at strangers on the Internet who were never talking to you in the first place.”

You mean wiping them out by debating circles around them, without lifting a finger? This was so easy, I could do this a 30 times in an hour.

“Perhaps you should read the original article again. Hard to read as it was (for the reasons I stated), it also contained a lot of interesting insight. It might do you a world of good to let go of the feeling that you’re being constantly put upon, because that is no good way to live.

Take care of yourself.”

Neo-Nazis have told me to take care, you don’t mean what you said.

I read the article, you didn’t. If you had read it, you would know that it’s not real.

The article doesn’t bring up one single thing out of the top twenty things MRA s are upset about. My little brother has a better understanding about Men’s Rights, because he knows how hard it was for my father to win custody.