I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

This is painful to read.

Growing up as a devout person, with some political and sociological interests;I realized that most of the movements I wanted to back were extremely distant from the goals they said they were behind.

I had supported Feminism most of my early teens, till things started to come up that troubled me.

My father was told by his lawyer that he was going to lose the custody case, his lawyer had “seen crack addicts win if they were women”. I did some reading around online, it’s very common for men to lose custody. A lot of things didn’t make sense.

Then I found out that men have to sign up for universal conscription when they turn 18 and their conscription during Vietnam was why we in America can vote when we turn 18.

“Hold enough to fight, hold enough to vote.”

I had a friend who was a feminist who was not part of the larger movement, but wanted to hold onto a cause that insisted wages problems that constantly were hinted to not exist when looked into.

I found out about this woman who had long videos about Mens rights topics and I started to watch them with her. We would talk on Facebook about where we agreed and disagreed.

We almost entirely agreed with this woman, she was right.

Now let me make a point before I tell you what happened.

Guess what the highest killer of black males is right now?

Let me give you a hint, the highest killer of white males is white males. It’s ether things we do to ourselves or each other.

Yes, black people kill black people. Most murders happen close to home, almost all people in America who are not women deal with that problem.

So yes, the people holding down men are men.

But guess who is holding down women?

Women, men. There is no difference.

The most powerful woman who ever lived, Victoria; wanted women to have no rights period.

So if you want to know what happened to the that MRA woman we listed too?

She turned out to be one of the most awful people ever and all her friends were awful.

Men spreading their legs so they don’t crush their balls is not oppression.

Men deserve to have a chance to see their children if they are not assholes.

Men get stuck dying in wars, shootings, and all kinds of problems.

But fuck the MRA movement. Fuck it. They are not better then the Catholic church before Luther. They wage holy wars on the feminists and the feminists wage holy wars on them.

Religious, Politics, Nationalism, Race.

Fuck all of it. Large movements are just violent and xenophobic.

I’m a God damn, Humanist and I want all people to be equal before everything but how hard they work, what they know, and how kind they are.

I’m 20, I’m tired of watching groups I’m in commit terrible terrible things in the name of things they don’t want but pretend to want.

That’s it. I am done.

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