Seems like you just went from one extreme to the other, there is quite a spectrum between feminism…
Byron Warner

Well, from a lot of reading one side is toxic, after all; I was a follower of that side.

The other side is…just as fucking toxic, took me years to see that.

I think the problem is you can’t have a movement that pushes for the rights of both genders and have it named after only one of them.

That’s like calling the fight for racial equality “Whitism”.

Just because you see two people fighting and one is an asshole, doesn’t mean the other one isn’t an asshole.

Just because Nazis exist, doesn’t mean Communists are good people.

Both of them killed millions of their own.

MRAs and Feminists will send death threats if you try to quit, not all of them; but enough to worry you.

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