If you were a political science student, does that mean you’ve never really got into the history…

You ever been to a christian commune?

What could possibly be more Conservative or reactionary then hardcore Jesus nerds?

Pretty much everyone.

I am serious. You go into one and it will be like you entered some hippie commune.

In fact, the idea of egalitarianism was in America built on the idea that all people are equal before God.

Sure, people said it and didn’t understand it.

But it’s true.

One of the oldest movements ever is built around a god who does or doesn’t exist, who we are just mere mortals in front of. No one is special, no one deserves anything more then anyone else.

Even the people who do what is right, don’t get an advantage.

The bible doesn’t mention politics, it says that rich people have a hard time getting into heaven, and it has some of the most anti establishment sentences I have ever heard.

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