19 Things About Cold Callers That Are Ironic

Tim Hughes
Apr 5 · 2 min read

This blog first appeared on the DLA blog here

Just watched a video on cold calling and there are 19 things that I thought was ironic. Maybe it’s my British sense of humour, which can be a little “Monty Python”. Talking about Monty Python one of my favourite sketches is from the film “Life of Brian” which is called “What Have the Romans ever done for us?” If you don’t know it you can watch it here:


In the area where I work in Europe, and in the field of complex B2B Enterprise sales, cold calling died some two years ago. The view that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ernst Young, Oracle, Hewlett Packard (HP) are sitting there wait for your call and will agree to have a coffee with you when you are in “Boston” is utter fantasy. Talking to a Sales Leader last week, she said “If we call reception and asked to get through to the CFO (Chief Finance Officer) we will be laughed at.”

Let me point out that I’m not saying cold calling is dead, if you are selling low level, low cost products at a low level then cold calling may work for you. For example, I know somebody who is highly successful in the UK at selling advertising at £5K ($7.5K) a pop. The value proposition is low, this low value only needs a lower level of sign off and is transactional and tactical in nature. The Marketing Manager, not the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has the sign off for such a low value.

This blog continues on the DLA blog here

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