Cold Calling — Eliminating the “if only you had called the other week …” response

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Cold calling has its highs and lows. Each salesperson has to face rejection it’s part of the job.

A friend of mine used to sell door to door and the company knew that for every 10 doors they knocked on, there would be 2 sales and 8 rejections. Even if you woke up one morning and made two sales straight away, you should expect 8 rejections. “Man up” the red meat cold callers on LinkedIn would say!

It was never the rejection that bothered me, it was calling somebody and them saying “if only you had called … last week… two months etc”. Now while we can “keep in touch” we all knew this was a lost sale. A sales our competition had made. This is where the real (unspoken) hurt is with cold calling.

Each time it happened I always wanted to find a way, I’m sure I couldn’t entirely eliminate it, but reduce it. This is an area not talked about much and I offer up 2 solutions.

2 Solutions For Reducing the “If Only You Called last Week” Lost Sale

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