Using Social as a New Business Sales Person

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In the old days people used cold calling as a way to get hold of people too sell them something.

When I use the term “cold calling” it is a metaphor for all cold outreach, telephone, email, inmails or advertising. It is both inefficient and ineffective.

What do I mean? When you cold call, you do so, not knowing who it is you want to talk to. So for example, in a batch of 100 contacts, you find that there are 10 that are appropriate for your message. But you have to waste effort, calling, calling, calling, calling again, only to find they are the wrong people, they purchased one last week or they don’t currently have budget.

This is a highly inefficient way of working.

If for example you use something like Sales Navigator, you can find those 10 people you want to target.

On the basis you can make 100 calls in the day, that would enable you get 100 calls to 100 of the appropriate people, rather than 100 day to only 10 of the appropriate people with cold calling. It’s feasible therefore that social selling has a 10 times response to that of cold calling.

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