Numbers Don’t Matter, Influence Does
Gary Vaynerchuk

I applaud you Gary, particularly for bringing this relevant insight to the forefront attention of those who unfortunately wouldn’t be any the wiser. Influencer 1 may tally 100 million impressions per week but has done so having to auto-tweet 5,000 times during said time. (and probably has already been muted by his audience) When you’ve got a ratio of, let’s say ANY more than 20:1 ratio reach /impressions that’s a sure tell-tale sign of tom-foolery. Your content is being repeatedly bounced around between the same people over and over again. The hot potato syndrome. Strength of network : How has your network been built throughout the years? Was it done so by keeping up with the Joneses much like a popularity contest to the point you have 300,000 insignificant followers and your reach per tweet is laughable? If so, this is the last season, might as well put your tiara in moth balls. Remember. We all realize that we can’t control who follows us, but who we’ve followed says a lot.

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