Under The Influence® Marketing (part 1 of 3)


Ever get the feeling all it has become is a place to go where the noise is deafening, and those blasting out tweets couldn’t care less the quality of the signal?

It’s morphed into the place for talking heads to gather, each trying to outdo the other by automating sh*t collected on their vast array of RSS feeds hasn’t it? They schedule this noise at the rate of what seems like one tweet per minute!

These people aren’t influencers. They don’t have the knowledge necessary to warrant using even their own voice, so instead, merely echo the opinions of others in one great big circle jerk filled to the brim with mentions of one another. Because, you know.. #EngagementMatters 🤪

What the f*ck ya’ll selling anyways, books? Marketers marketing ‘who knows what’ to fellow marketers.

They have no idea what they share, because none of them are reading the content they continually shove down the throats of the followers they probably paid for, anyway.

They can’t even comprehend how their once possessed, minuscule key performance numbers, have vanished.

My friends, they went and got their dumb asses muted. They are no longer relevant. They don’t even realize they did it to themselves.

But who cares right?

Tweet the hashtags #strategy and #DigitalMarketing 63,000 times a year, and you’ll be awarded Forbes’s Top 50 ‘something or another.’ aka We got someone in the inside just throw her a bone every once in a while, mebbe keep your tongue if she slips herself quietly in the nine spot of a top 25. No worries, you know she’ll be getting you in year after year till death do you part, going on like a decade now seemingly. — The Verified Kidz Klub

With such an amazing honor, they’ll live to see yet another year.

Maybe even get lucky with a few keynotes down at the local Moose club, and begin adding another hashtag #MooseGuru into your arsenal of static cling.

Some wrote, *ahem, or had a sister write a book seven years ago. However, it doesn’t make you an expert in anything.

It was just a superficial game of numbers whereupon the early adaptor with the bigger number won the popularity contest.

Freaking clowns, who today, are still allowed to stick around, and suppress other more deserving.

Not necessarily me. But I DO know the one’s who are. And they’re hungry as all hell, and mad to.

You see.. analytics has now caught up with digital. Accurate data pertinent to measuring an influencer’s performance relative to his/her audience benchmarking statistics is no longer just a game of smoking mirrors.

It’s pretty much time to put the tiara in mothballs, and bust out the soapbox, because the popularity contest is in its final season.

Oh yeah, and take Influencer Marketing campaigns away from marketers, and turn it over to your PR department.

  • I’m willing to bet the trust lost between brands, and advertising agencies, will be a hell of a lot more transparent, therefore consumable. I may not be Tom Cruise, but I can “show you The Data..!”

Hell, even better, I beseech brands to begin experimenting with the idea of bringing campaigns back to the house that you’ve built with your own blood, sweat and tears.

Not keep doling out to those whose monthly reports haven’t been even come close to matching yours, but were handcuffed, because of the risk of down time versus your competitors.

Twitter used to be a cool place. Like sitting out under the gazebo in the town square, and have a gathering of like-minded intellectuals with similar core values.

But then the Moose Club became too full, and ‘they’ trickled on over to the rest of us. Who’s ‘they?’

– *The robo-tweeters from hell with their master of puppet disguised, wham bam thank you spam marketers. –

Graduating clown school with nothing more than the ability to sell you ten darts for five dollars instead of three for a buck, isn’t what Twitter should be about.

Mastering the art of under inflating a balloon, while keeping it still looking plump, isn’t meant to shine over on Twitter.

I will tell you more later about how I’ve had my hands on Scraawl’s https://www.scraawl.com/ software for six months now, given to me at a premium level as a social media influencer. Test driving Scraawl has brought quite a new light to Twitter, and it performs beautifully on multiple social channels.

My third-party unbiased consensus is as follows: It does ALL your business would ever need to be successful in your identification of REAL Influencers.

You’ve got my word on this.

You know the kind that takes years to build, one bullshit line to destroy, and forever to repair? I can’t afford to play any of those games, can you?

I’m posting this raw, without any pomp, and circumstance tom-foolery, it’s getting a little dark here under the gazebo.

There will be more light coming soon, a daily recurrence.


People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” Seth Godin

I know there’s still time to make some magic. All you need is half a dozen micro-influencers led by an upper tier 2 macro who’s got legitimate reach and they’ll statistically be equivalent to, or outperform even your biggest celebrity. And their ROI will always be measured accurately with no margin of error. No games, remember?

Discovering Social BOTS and Bot-Networks in Social Media. Read Scraawl blog here http://bit.ly/2eyTD2Q

“Under the Influence® Marketing” (part 2 of 3) https://t.co/sox4sbXgQw

Appearance blinds, and words reveal. Truth never damages a cause that is just.



Founder of Digital PR Solutions, a full-service digital agency providing marketing for anyone looking to reclaim their piece of the digital landscape.

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Timothy Snow

Founder of Digital PR Solutions, a full-service digital agency providing marketing for anyone looking to reclaim their piece of the digital landscape.