The Importance of Being Prepared

As a business owner, you need to be prepared for when someone asks you that all important question: ‘What do you do?’

If you’re not, then you’re likely to fluff it, which means that the person you are speaking to could get the wrong idea and you lose an opportunity to promote your business.

There are five key areas to think about, when you prepare your answer.

1: Who is your audience? What do they want to hear? What do you do that could solve their problems or meet their needs? They don’t really want to know how good you are, they want to know how good you can make them!

2: They need to know you are interested in them, so use the word “you” when explaining the benefits of your services.

3: Use your body language to show people you are open, honest and interested in them. Take time to explore where you’re getting it right and what needs work.

4: Listen twice as much as you speak, and, when you do talk, don’t rush to say everything in one breath, make sure you leave time to pause.

Pausing is your most powerful tool. Pause before and after important points. Try it out on people who know you but don’t know much about your business, and ask them what they understood when you’ve finished.

5: Be prepared. Practice your answer to, “What do you do?” and then pick a local networking event to put it all into practice.

Small business owners speak in public every day, so why not ensure it really promotes your business?

Tina Blake can help you look good, sound great and create more impact when you’re talking about your business.

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