$3 Goodness: Meet Brandless

For the past few years, my Brandless co-founder, Ido Leffler, and I have been relentlessly pursuing a dream: to make it possible for everyone to have access to better stuff for fewer dollars. We are B E Y O N D proud to say that today, 7–11–2017, Brandless has arrived. You may have caught some of the news from places we love like Glamour, TechCrunch and Refinery29.

For us, Brandless is about more than any individual product we sell. It is about the true democratization of goodness. Meaning everyone deserves better stuff at affordable prices. Everyone deserves to be seen not for what they do but for who they are. Everyone should be able to tell their own stories and not feel they need to live up to the false narrative we are led to think makes us thinner, taller, faster, better or even new and improved. The same goes for products. We are all just people and we should be able to choose better for ourselves and our families.

Executing a transformation of this magnitude requires an exceptional team and true partners who share your long-term vision. With that in mind, we are also thrilled to announce the close of our Series B financing of $35M in funding led by New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA), and additional investment from GV, Redpoint Ventures, Cowboy Ventures and Slow Ventures. We use the phrase “People First” a lot when we talk about all the incredible people who make up our family and our community. Our investors are no exception. Along with our early believers, our new partners share the Brandless vision of reinventing modern consumption by making better stuff at fairer prices available to everyone.

So there you have it. Brandless is officially open for business and we invite everyone to join us. Meet some Awesome Strangers who got an early peek ;-)

BTW: don’t bother checking prices. It’s all $3.