At Simple, Fair Prices, Anything Is Possible

Fueling the revolution of an industry

We had a vision that we could create a new kind of company, a new, better way for everyone. We believed modern consumption could make sense. Back in our early founding brainstorms my co-founder Ido Leffler and I were talking about building a better, more thoughtful and efficient way to rethink the system by which goods were bought and sold. Our collective experiences as founders led us to build a community informed, data-led platform from the ground up.

We designed a new stack to support the building of an entirely new brand and platform informed by the community it was built to serve.

And, we believed that high quality, awesome products and content would follow. As would people. We announced that vision in December 2016, and we called it Brandless.

Brandless was born with the mission to make modern consumption make sense. We launched on July 11, 2017, and one year later we already offer more than 300 proprietary Brandless products, ship to 48 states, and have donated over 1.5 million meals to Feeding America in support of our thriving #brandlesslife community. And we even make lots of original content too, not surprisingly inspired by the community we serve. We are so proud to have been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Retail, NewCo Shift Forum’s NewCo of the Year, Ad Age A-List & Creativity Awards’ Startup of the Year.

Today, we are humbled to share that the SoftBank Vision Fund is leading our Series C investment round. The Vision Fund was built for Brandless. They invest in companies and world-changing ideas enabled by data and technology.

SoftBank thinks longer term and bigger. They are investing in founders that are building new industries, not just fixing broken systems. When Ido and I shared our vision for Brandless, our progress, and our dreams, they smiled and began to sketch the possibilities with us.

Can we all agree that we are in the midst of an unprecedented disruption in consumer behavior? It’s not being driven by innovation or big brands — but by consumers’ demand for better access to better quality goods. And it doesn’t stop there. Finally, people are holding brands to a new set of standards.

Welcome to the United States of Goodness


More can be found on our Brandless blog or on the official Press Release.