Brandless is built alongside the community we serve.


We brought Brandless to life in July of 2017 with a set of intentions to build a new kind of company, one that puts people first. We set out to create a values-based ecosystem because we believe that sharing values and intentions helps to create communities and culture that accelerate conscious consumerism. We knew then and we still deeply believe there has to be a better way. A better way to run a company. A better way to deliver to customers. A better way to create amazing stuff. A better way to serve our communities. A better way to give back. This drive to find a better way has led us to where we are today.

As all startup founders know, while scaling your company you have to make deliberate choices about where you spend your time in order to fully realize your vision and lead your business to success. Since our inception, I’ve held multiple roles simultaneously here at Brandless. As Co-Founder, I serve as curator of our collective vision and purpose, holder of culture and community, fundraiser, intention setter, movement evangelist, board member and team builder. In my other role as CEO, I have served as heads down operator focused on scaling the infrastructure for our growing team as we execute against our operational plan.

Given the extraordinary Brandless leadership team we now have in place, the time has come for me to wear fewer hats. I have decided to take on a new and more focused role as Co-Chair of our Brandless Board of Directors alongside Ido, my Co-Founder and our Co-Chair. This will allow me to shift all my time to accelerating our mission, our culture, our community, and our business and continue to make an outsized impact.

By spending all of my time in this role I can do more to accelerate the world’s understanding of what it means to be Brandless. More Goodness.

Evan Price, our CFO, will serve as interim CEO and our leadership team will report directly to him. We have launched a CEO search with the board to scour the nation for a seasoned retail operator to partner with us in scaling our vision alongside the team.

We’ve accomplished an incredible amount together and I’m proud of our team and our community who have made this possible. In less than 20 months, we have created and launched over 450 unique Brandless products with hundreds more on the way. We ship to 48 states every day and have created a highly valuable company that is well capitalized to fuel our continued growth. We re-defined what it means to be a brand serving alongside our #brandlesslife community of millions. And we have supported Feeding America® with donations of over 3.5 million meals. The best part? ALL of our teammates who make Brandless uniquely and magically Brandless.

We will continue to walk our walk because as you have heard me say over and over again, giving is Brandless. Our partnership with Feeding America is only the beginning. Practicing tangible acts of kindness remains at the soul of our company. Meanwhile, new Brandless products drop daily and our pipeline is stuffed with so much goodness to make people’s lives better. We’ll keep listening and innovating and creating products and stories inspired by the community we serve to support the ever-evolving values of modern life. I could not be prouder of the ways we now serve the whole family and our regular subscribers. Pet parents and pro bakers are loving our 2019 new collections and our Wellness and Nutritionals launch next week will bring everyday wellness to even more people.

I have never felt more strongly about showing the world that profit and purpose are not at odds with each other, and that WE can build a better way.


XO, tina