Are You Planning to Rent A Room in Singapore?

There are several things that you should considerate when searching for a place to rent in Singapore. You may find it not easy to find affordable apartments to rent there, but there are plenty of different choices for expat rentals. Here are some of the things you need to consider to help you find a place to rent more easily.

Money is everything when you are away from home. If you are planning to live in central business district (CBD) in Singapore, you will have to pay more or force you to go for a small room with few amenities. Rental costs are rising each year in various parts of the country. However, the trend is different in the upper brackets over $ 12,000. But in the countryside, affordable properties have been seen increasing and thus favored by those looking for expat rentals.

Select your agent
Choosing a reliable agent with more knowledge in real estate is the best option. An agent will dedicate to you fully and is ready to help you get property. Agents are paid commission, depending on the number of clients they were able to help. Do not register with the agents numbers because it is confusing and wastes a lot of resourceful time. The agent can take you to view the property and if you like it, then you can make the necessary arrangements to seal the deal.

Pay the deposits
You are required to make 2 deposits. The first payment you deposit represent the initial month’s rent and is known as the good faith deposit, which is paid with LOI. The second payment or deposit is made after signing the TA. This deposit plays act as security deposit and is always refunded by the owner less damage cost once the lease expires. In addition, you have to pay the stamp duty.

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