Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

Data Mining Breach

Facebook is one of the most internationally used social media platforms. Many platforms are not accessible in different countries. Social media uses advertisements and marketing techniques to influence the users through add campaigns and data mining exploitation. The exploitation of the misuse of personal data can lead to unethical behavior and huge consequences. Kerr (2018) concurs “Consultants working for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign exploited the personal Facebook data of millions”. When organizations are functioning in such a highly changing and competitive environment, the internal pressures of the company’s culture have a very dictating role on the new ways to reach their target audience. Palmer (2007) stated, “The internal pressures for organizational change can include, new ideas about how to deliver services to customers” (p. 62).

The internal pressures for companies to shape the needs, wants, and desires of the market, pushed Cambridge Analytica to acquire the data of millions of Facebook users, misusing it for political ads during the 2016 US presidential election. Sherr (2018) stated, “Facebook says it told Cambridge Analytica to delete the data, but reports suggest the info wasn’t destroyed.” After Cambridge Analytica targeted political messages and misused Facebook’s data with users, Facebook demanded that the falsified accounts and misuse of the data for political messages would be stopped.

Sherr (2018) quoted, “We’ve already learned that automated bot programs and operatives working on behalf of the Russian government appear to have manipulated Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social networks as part of a broad misinformation campaign that’s now being investigated by both the FBI and the US Senate. Though investigators have been focused on Russia, they’ve also turned attention to Trump’s presidential campaign, which had hired Cambridge Analytica to run data operations.” This situation caused so much dispute and was taken to Congress. Ballhaus (2017) stated, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller has requested that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that worked for President Donald Trump’s campaign, turn over documents as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, according to people familiar with the matter.” Because of Cambridge Analytica’s data mining misusage of 50 million Facebooks users, investigations were launched on both sides of the US and the UK. Facebook would have done well to focus on public relations mitigating this scandal. However, Facebook actually rejected the data breach of Cambridge Analytica, entirely.

This did not go over well for Facebook users. In fact, Al Jazeera News (2018) reports, “In the days following the original reporting, the Twitter hashtag #DeleteFacebook began trending. Congress asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify on what had happened. The social media giant’s share value took a dramatic dive, down $60bn at one point down.” This reflects poorly on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. The controversy of this, potentially occurring again does not benefit Facebook’s security and trust of the users. This however, has not affected my usage of Facebook. I am thankful for an interface that offers free video calls across different countries, when recruiting overseas.


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