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Uday Babbar, Senior Data Engineer | Limin Yao, Senior Data Engineer | Fan Jiang, Senior Data Engineer | Lucile Lu, Staff Data Scientist | Juzheng Li, Engineering Manager

In the first two parts (here and here), you should have had a good idea about the fundamental constructs that comprise phoenix. But to briefly recap — we use remote configuration (using Levers) and ground control to tailor the behavior of a given variant to the end-user. …

Written by Yisong Wu

As a top-grossing App in the Google Play Store, Tinder is providing services to millions of members across the world. We also provide paid members a premium experience that includes Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and a la carte products such as Super Boost, Super Like, Boost, Top Picks, and more.

The payment flow lays down a foundation to provide a smooth and quick payment experience for our paid members. During the early stage when Tinder was a startup, the payment experience was built quickly in several God classes and it met the demands at the moment…

Written By: Chris O’Brien, Engineering Manager |Chris Thomas, Engineering Manager| Jinyong Lee, Senior Software Engineer | Edited By: Cooper Jackson, Software Engineer


Almost two years ago, Tinder decided to move its platform to Kubernetes. Kubernetes afforded us an opportunity to drive Tinder Engineering toward containerization and low-touch operation through immutable deployment. Application build, deployment, and infrastructure would be defined as code.

We were also looking to address challenges of scale and stability. When scaling became critical, we often suffered through several minutes of waiting for new EC2 instances to come online. …


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