Lucy, 22 years of age, felt like her life was wasting away in Kawangware, one of Africa’s biggest slums 12 kilometers west of Nairobi, Kenya.

‘As I grew up I realized that all my dreams may not become a reality’

Without access to education in most informal settlements like Kawangware, some youth forget their dreams and turn to prostitution or crime to make money and face a continuing struggle to survive. Young girls are most affected.

For Lucy, Kawangware is the place she calls home.

In pursuit for a better life, Lucy joined LivelyHoods, a social enterprise project designed to create employment opportunities for youth and women living in Kenya’s urban slums by training them to sell environmentally friendly and socially trans-formative products like clean cookstoves and solar lamps in their own communities.

In January 2017, Lucy became a LivelyHoods Sales Agent and was appointed to lead a team of other sales agents.

Lucy: Sharing information on clean cookstoves during a market visit

‘Thanks to LivelyHoods, I was saved and my life which had been withering away with no hopes and dreams now has buds sprouting with new dreams and a future and I’m so thankful for that’ said Lucy.

Happy LivelyHoods Sales Agents in Kawangware