Twisted Tales of the Yellow Brick Road

Image compliments of R.A Winters

Twisted tales is not only Tinker Books first publication it’s also Ms Yasin’s first book. I met this talented young writer and artist, through a facebook group and found her stories to be so unique and interesting that my plans changed and the result is that after a year of preparation and learning I am now a publisher.

The past year has been an interesting one, filled with learning new things, including small business management, navigating the process of assigning ISBN numbers and registering my business with the government of Canada.

The first of what I hope will be many more books from Ms. Yasin, Twisted Tales is a collection of some of her short stories, and is now available worldwide in paperback through thousands of book stores and libraries and as an epub, online through a multitude of online re-sellers.

You can order it from your local bookstore or online by requesting it using the ISBN number 9781775295006 for the paperback or search online for ISBN: 9781775295013 for the epub.

If you would like to receive a personalized book or order one as a gift to be delivered directly to a friend or family member contact me for ordering details email me