You Deserve It?

Do You Really Deserve It?

My all time favorite quote is by the billionaire, Charlie Munger who is eruditely known and he says “ To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet, a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” What he means by this is that you are going to have to deserve what you want. It sounds simple, but us humans, don’t like being 100% true to ourselves. I learned this in an eruditely known book”How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie This man did his research and the book speaks for itself. It has withstood the test of time, which is one of the hardest things humanly possibly. It has been out for 80 years but still is “a bestseller that remains popular today.”- Wikipedia. Anyways, there is a chapter where he speaks about how all humans crave sympathy and he made a point.

Look at yourself and examine your physical condition. Do you deserve the body that you have? If a bodybuilder who spent those hundreds of hours in the gym year after year eating healthy & good is reading this, then he is looking at himself in the mirror proudly saying yes. If an overweight person who could eat much healthier & exercise more often is reading this they are glumly saying yes. Because the earth is not rewarding a whole bunch of undeserving people. The ones who get what they want simply deserved what they got. This is how the world works and I’m glad it does. The world is a fair place. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I’m not in a better physique when I work out, staying on a diet, know my information, and grind more than someone who only sits down and doesn’t do anything all day. This concept applies to everything in life from business to our health.

Now that you know this, keep it in the back of your mind at all times. Remember actions dictate everything, so whenever you are going to have to take action on any decision. Ask yourself “ Will this bring me one step closer for me deserving what I want or will it make the world not reward me.” Thinking like this is what has changed my life for the better and if you guys start putting knowledge learned from the greatest minds out there; your life will change for the better. I know it will.