Tiny Colony MVP Guide

We are extremely excited to launch the MVP of Tiny Colony’s game. With this build, we have allowed community members and stakeholders to test the core mechanics, provide feedback, and report bugs. We will take this feedback and implement changes with our development team.

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We’re incredibly fortunate and grateful to have such a special community that supports the project. We realize that the majority of game developers have continued the trend of closed door testing, but at Tiny Colony, we are thrilled to have community involvement, at all stages. After all, we have one goal: producing an amazing and fun game!

Table of Contents
Colony Resources & Tools
Save Function
Reporting Bugs

As an official Tiny Colony play-tester, you will be directly involved in the development of the Construction & Management game. However, we must stress that this is an MVP (minimum viable product). The main purpose of an MVP is to gather feedback on how to make the game more fun. While you are testing the MVP, you will likely encounter bugs, UI/UX inconsistencies, and other inorganic blockers. PLEASE feel free to submit them via the Bug Report form in our Discord.

Below is more information to help you along the way. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out in our Discord channels. For the MVP testing build, please use Google Chrome Browser.

Launch the MVP

Connect your Phantom or Fractal wallet.

Select your Colony from the dropdown menu. If you do not have any Colony NFTs in your wallet, you will need to transfer them first or purchase from the Fractal Marketplace.

Click NEXT and you’re in!

Colony Resources

Within your Colony there will be a starter amount of Sugar, Scraps, and Larvae. You will end up using some of these resources during the initial in-game tutorial. As you continue building and developing your colony, you will need to strategically earn and spend more resources.

You can monitor your resources in the Resource Bar at the bottom of the screen.


There are three tools to utilize during the MVP testing.

Hammer = Building tool
Ladder = Tunneling tool
Eraser = Delete unwanted cells or tunnels

It should be noted that if you delete any cells, you will receive a refund of Sugar and Scraps used to construct that specific cell.


There will not be any utility mechanisms for TINY or TEENY in this MVP build. As we progress with updates and development we will first introduce XTINY.

This token will be off-chain and used in mechanisms that require TINY. This will allow us to scale and monitor blockchain functionality before the integration of TINY and TEENY in the updates to follow. We place a high priority on the security and sustainability of the Tiny Colony ecosystem. Starting with XTINY will allow implementations of blockchain in a safe and efficient manner. This token has no value and is NOT tradable on any DEX or exchange.


In this section we will discuss the functionality of each cell. There are over 35 various cells in the Construction & Management game. However, we have included only the first 10 core cells to test in the MVP.

The Nest Hall will be the first cell you construct and will act as the Town Hall for your colony. All Colony upgrades will be done by interacting with this cell. Upgrades will let you unlock higher tech levels and dig to lower depths. As we provide more updates, the Nest Hall will have more capabilities and functionality. There is a cool down timer for upgrades, but during the MVP testing this can be skipped with no cost of resources or xTINY.

The Farm Cell produces sugar, which your ants need to function and stay happy. You can construct as many Farm Cells as you wish. Each Farm Cell can employ a maximum of five farmer ants. Strategically installing more farming cells and training new farmer ants can provide increased sugar production to your colony!

The Mine Cell is another essential cell your colony needs for development as it produces Scraps — the resources needed to construct additional cells and build tunnels. Similar to the Farm Cell, you can install as many Mine cells as you require. You can assign up to five mining ants to each cell to increase productivity.

The Storage Cell will allow you to increase Sugar and Scrap limits. As the population of your colony grows, your ants will require more Sugar to remain productive. Increasing the limitations will contribute to the expansion and growth of your Colony!

The Lab Cell is where new Larvae are produced for the colony. Assign a scientist to this cell to increase your larva production and grow your colony!

The Nursery Cell is where Larvae are taken from the lab cells and incubated into full-grown workers that can then be sent to school for further training. You can build multiple Nursery cells to increase the production of incubated larva. However, overpopulating your colony might not be sustainable.

The School Cell is where newly incubated workers can be assigned a specialization. This is how you create new farmers, miners, scientists, etc. Each school cell can train up to five ants at a time. You can strategically build multiple School cells to train more ants! There will be numerous types of specialized ants. However, in the MVP build we are only utilizing the core worker ants.

The Leisure Cell offers your ants a place to relax and take a break from the hustle of their colony. Installing this cell will increase the happiness of the colony and contribute to ant efficiency. There will be more functionality of this cell in the later updates.

The Portal Cell lets you import your Character NFTs, and eventually Pets. You will need to have your Character NFTs in your Fractal Wallet in order to import.

For now, there are only a few functionalities available for Characters, such as training. As we update the build, those functions will expand and include the Base Defense mechanisms.

The Training Cell will eventually be used to boost your Character NFT’s skills and increase their XP. Earning XP will be crucial for the upcoming Base Defense mode. In the meantime, we have introduced this cell to test the backend import mechanisms only. There will be no XP earning visualization or XP count.

Installing the Training Cell is where the story goes TO BE CONTINUED. It is the end of the MVP game flow. However, you can continue playing and enjoying the game, building out your colony, and reporting any bugs!

You will have the option to Level Up your cells. This will allow an increased efficiency and storage capability with certain cells. For example, you can level up your Mine Cell and increase the Scrap production which will be advantageous for your colony. Each cell will have different requirements for levelling up, and require Sugar and Scraps. There is a cooldown timer associated with levelling up your cells, however the timer can be bypassed during the MVP testing.


Participants that have completed the MVP will be rewarded with exclusive Bunker Skin NFTs. We’ve created one extra shiny skin per faction, and the skin you’ll receive will match the type of the colony you used in the current game cycle. Got multiple Colony NFTs? This means you can restart the MVP again and try out a different colony — and earn a bunker skin for it, too!

Note that the MVP is considered completed once a Character NFT has been placed in the Training Cell. Bunker Skins will obtain in-game functionality in the post-Alpha builds (actual dates subject to change). Please remember to keep the Colony NFT in your Fractal Wallet until the bunker skin airdrop.

Save Function

You will be able to retain your game progression if you close your browser window. However, during the MVP testing any resources earned or upgraded cells will not transfer to the Alpha version of the game.

Reporting Bugs

We truly value your participation in play-testing the MVP and look forward to your feedback. Users who report bugs will earn the Discord role of Bug Bounty Hunter! If you have received an MVP access code, you will also have a “play-tester” role in our Discord. For more information on submitting your feedback read our latest Medium Article.

The whole team at Tiny Colony is excited and, quite frankly, terrified about this launch. It’s the first ever build we’re sharing with the public, and it represents the hard work and love we’ve put into the project over the past six months. Enjoy, keep in touch and LFG!!

About Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse and construction and management simulation game designed for the Solana blockchain. Players can earn in-game currency by building and running an effective ant colony, battling with other colonies and wagering in community events.

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A pixelated realm of highly advanced, humanoid ants fighting for survival and the growth of their colony, fantastical creatures and lore filled with epic tales.

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Tiny Colony

A pixelated realm of highly advanced, humanoid ants fighting for survival and the growth of their colony, fantastical creatures and lore filled with epic tales.