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Hands down, one of the best things about being a small business is being able to get involved in the local business community here in Rochester. That’s where we first heard about Staach Inc- a sustainable furnishings and design company located a just few miles from Tiny Fish. At first, we didn’t know that much about them, except that they provide all of the furnishings for Shake Shack and for our new favorite local restaurant Fiorella (all of which is absolutely beautiful btw). So when they contacted us about printing some custom t-shirts, we were pumped! Then when they invited us over to check out their shop and see their new shirts in action- LET’S GO!

Staach’s new “Wood is good” tees compliment their B-Corp certified brand perfectly. We used water-based+ inks to print their design, not only because it leaves the shirts with a super crisp print that is soft and comfortable to wear, but also because these inks are more environmentally friendly than plastisol inks. Keeping with Staach’s inspiringly high standards, the shirts themselves are fine ring-spun cotton tees, made right here in the USA. The guys will be giving away these shirts to some of their favorite clients, but they mentioned to stay tuned to their social media pages as they would be giving away a few shirts from there as well.

Just like the products they produce, Staach’s shop is a glorious mix of function and design. Large glass windows fill their space with tons of natural light, and frame a great view of downtown Rochester. The day we stopped by the guys were working on the bar for a much-anticipated new local restaurant — The Playhouse / Swillburger. It was neat to see their process in action and learn how they go about sustainably creating something like that from scratch. The best part — the shirts looked great! Thanks again to the awesome people at Staach for letting us stop by, we can’t wait to see what you have coming up next!

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