Better Together with Tip Yourself — Ronnie’s Story

Looking to achieve your goals? Don’t go it alone. According to Tip Yourself user and blogger Ronnie Ledesma, if you’re looking to build new habits or replace old ones, the Tip Yourself app and community have got your back. Find out how he is tipping his way to success with a little help from his friends..

Tipping for Health and Wealth

Tip Yourself is all about goals. And when it comes to goals, there’s no shortage in Ronnie’s life. In addition to studying Japanese, he is also focused on improving his health and building wealth. Making positive, healthy choices and tying it into his Tip Jar work wonders for his motivation.

Ronnie says, “Early in 2016, I went from absolutely no energy and lots of aches and pains to all-day energy and feeling great.” He’s getting support from his in-laws and used the first part of the year to get his health back on track. Now that he’s feeling better, he’s ready to get smarter with his money.

As Ronnie works to simplify his life, he’s turned away from rewarding himself with material things. Now, he uses his Tip Jar. “Tipping serves as my primary means of building and reinforcing good habits and breaking bad habits,” he comments. While he doesn’t have an exact plan for the funds in his Tip Jar right now, he knows that he’s aiming to earn at least a few hundred dollars. Then, he’ll use that money to achieve more of his wealth-building goals. Set up like this, a Tip Jar serves as a motivator to foster healthy habits while boosting your finances at the same time.

Better Together

Even if you have a plan, you’ll get there faster with a support system. Let’s go back to Ronnie. There’s no question that he knows what he wants and that he’s well on his way to getting there. Still, Ronnie isn’t about to embark on this journey alone. In fact, he says, “I’ve never accomplished anything on my own. Ever. Everything I am and anything I’ve accomplished has come about as the result of the support, training, and nurturing of others.” Growing up, he never gave much thought to seeking guidance from others.

Now, though, he admits that many grown ups feel like they have to have everything figured out, so finding support systems as an adult has been more challenging. As a result, money is taboo and talking about goals often times brings out the competitive nature of others. It’s no wonder people feel like they are on their own.

When it comes to finding support, Ronnie realizes how much of that he has in the Tip Yourself app. Since joining, he remarks that he is finally “surrounded by people who openly encourage each other when it comes to money and goals.” Ronnie’s willingness to embrace support and realize that he doesn’t have to go it alone also probably accounts for at least a small part of his remarkable success in 2016.

We can all do well on our own. But when it comes to increasing health, building wealth, and achieving our goals, there’s no question that we’re better together. And that’s what the Tip Yourself community is all about.

You can find Ronnie building good habits in Tip Yourself feed and also at his blog — The Money Player

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