Build Good Habits — Tip Yourself!

We all have things in our lives that we wish we did more. Maybe it’s to exercise, or eat healthier, save money, or finally be able to tell the dentist “yes, I floss daily”… We all have them, and many of us have tried in the past to start or keep a habit going.

My guess is you’ve struggled or failed? Am I right?

You probably also followed conventional wisdom which was all about setting big goals, tracking yourself against those goals, and then just digging deep for that elusive thing called “willpower”.

Well what if I told you you were going about it all wrong?

If you really want to get going, make the changes you want, and in general just live a little more positively. Listen up.

Forget about big goals and willpower. The secret is recognizing small incremental moments of success along your journey and Tip Yourself is the tool that will help you get there.

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The key is focusing on small individual actions.

The psychology behind this approach was pioneered by Stanford’s BJ Fogg and is encompassed in what he calls “tiny habits”. It’s the real way to make real changes in your life.

Forget big goals that lead to moments of failure and guilt. We’ve all been there. You miss one day of the gym and BAM… no more exercise for a long time. Forget that…It’s not going to work. It never has, so stop trying.

Instead of being goal focused, be moment focused.

Take each positive moment and recognize it with a reward… Tip Yourself. You Earned it! With each tip you are building momentum toward success.

Did you make a healthy choice for lunch today? Heck yeah! Tip Yourself!
Did you skip the coffee shop and make coffee at home? High Five! Tip Yourself!
Did you make it in and out of the store without an impulse purchase? Way to Be! Tip Yourself!

Mindfulness, Positivity, and Empowerment, these are the secrets to success. Forget Goals and Willpower. Take each small step and watch yourself truly change.

You’re awesome. You can do it.

Over time your Tip Jar will grow. That’s where big time reward kicks in. Your Tip Jar cash is guilt free spending to treat yourself. You could take a well earned vacation, buy a new pair of shoes, or spend a day at the spa.

Instead of reward maybe your goal is to finally start saving money. Then simply watch and feel good as your tip jar grows into the rainy-day savings fund we all need.

What’s best about your Tip Jar is… you earned it. It’s your tips, your money, your achievements. Tip Yourself!

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