How to Indulge Yourself AND Save Money!

Life’s all about choices, right? One of the best parts of watching the Tip Yourself community grow is seeing all the fun and rewarding ways members have tipped themselves. Some are light-hearted and simple positive moments. Others are specific programs or goals the individual is working on.

Another is what we’d call “money challenges”. It can be a short term goal or money saving “game”. These can get a bad rap in the personal finance community. Some bloggers or “experts” claim they do not support long term goals or lasting behavior change.

We at Tip Yourself, disagree. Anything that helps you save money in a rewarding way is good. If a game or challenge is what gets you motivated, then go for it! Who cares! It’s still positive.

Plus, let’s face it, money and personal finance are not always the most exciting and entertaining topics. So a fun challenge that also helps you save? Yeah… we’re into it.

So, that bring us to…

How to Splurge on Indulgences & Save Money!

Here’s the challenge. For the next 30 days splurge on whatever makes you happy. Maybe it’s Starbucks, takeout food, an afternoon pedicure… anything. A splurge in this challenge is any small purchase that you don’t “have” to make. It’s a choice, an indulgence.

But here’s the catch. For the entire 30 days every time you make a splurge purchase you have to Tip Yourself the same dollar amount. If you buy a $4.25 coffee at Starbucks, you tip yourself the same $4.25. Super easy right?

A trip to the spa? Afternoon snack? Not a problem, just match the cost in a tip to yourself. You earned it!

The secret is that it forces you to make these indulgence purchases mindfully. It will be less of an impulse and more of a choice.

And, if you can’t afford to tip yourself the same cost of the indulgence, well… then you can’t afford to indulge. You’ll be amazed at what you save after 30 days, and that’s when the fun really starts.

So are you up for the 30 days of Indulgence Challenge??? What will you do with your tip jar savings afterwards?

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