The Power of Positive Community

When Mike and I started out, the focus for Tip Yourself was on shifting people’s perspective of saving money. As it’s come to life, we’ve quickly learned that Tip Yourself is much bigger than that.

We’ve been fortunate to spend time with BJ Fogg from Stanford (link). BJ’s research on tiny habits and behavior modification aligns closely to our instincts about the power of encouraging users to tip themselves.

However, he pointed out that even more than just saving money, people who tip themselves frequently will be more likely to create new habits and accomplish even non-money related personal goals.

It was great to have an industry leading expert validate some of our initial thoughts and help lead us in a direction to potentially make an even bigger impact. It was surprising when he referred to the tip yourself concept as “brilliant”. Talk about humbling and exciting!

We tested the concept of Tip Yourself by hosting offline pilot groups of 4–6 individuals. The participants were instructed to tip themselves throughout the week and simply update their team via group text.

During pilot test 3, the most eye-opening experience occurred. I included the actual tips / team communication below:
Day 3:

Kim K. — — 3 day streak with my green smoothies! Tip me $2
Richard S. — — Tipped myself $5 for 5 days of training this week
Kim K. — -That’s awesome Richard!
Richard S. — — Thanks Kim!
Gay L. — — Ok U R all inspiring me to do something positive, so I’m going to put my phone and iPad down and exercise for a bit. Tip me $5!
(53 minutes later)
Gay L. — — That felt great! Thank you Tip Yourself for the motivation!

WOW! Did we have something to do with that? Did Tip Yourself just encourage Gay to exercise? And that’s when I realized just how amazing and powerful this simple idea actually is.

Not only were people frequently tipping themselves, saving money, and feeling great about it… they were also encouraging others to accomplish more. They recognized moments many take for granted and elected to support and cheer each other on. The impact was impossible to overlook.

Tip Yourself is a catalyst for positivity, self-empowerment and celebration. Everyone deserves a Tip Jar.

We are humbled to be a part of the journey and appreciate your support.

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Sam Rodriguez
Co-Founder, Tip Yourself Co.

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