Verifying Bank with Micro-Deposits

Tip Yourself supports all US Banks and Credit Union Checking Accounts

  1. On the “Verify Account” page you will enter your Banks Routing Number and Your Checking Account Number

These can be found on the bottom of your checks or from your online banking detail page.

2) After confirming your information, you will receive the Success Messages shown below.

3) It may take up to 1–2 business days for you to receive 2 random “micro-deposits” amounts into your checking account. For example, “0.05” & “0.23” cents.

You will see four total transactions on your bank account. Two of those deposit money into your account and the other two withdrawal the exact same amounts.

You are able to Tip Yourself while you wait for your micro-deposits. No bank transfers will be made until your account is verified.

4) Once you receive your micro-deposits, you will return to the app and enter them to verify your account.

Select the orange banner at the top of the Homepage Tip Feed. Then enter your two micro-deposits. Yours will be different from the ones in the picture below.

5) You’re all set! Welcome to Tip Yourself!

Please feel free to reach out at anytime with any questions or concerns, support[@]