Qualities Of A Great Leader

Tips For Drumming

Being a great leader means you are a team player who assists in promoting the overall vision of success for your team. As a leader you should be able to effectively translate that vision to others in a simple, encouraging way.

Leadership is about positively influencing others to achieve their personal best at all times. A great leader will always put the well being of the group before their own and understands the value of team work on the road to success. A great leader will have amazing work ethic and will encourage others around them to work just as hard. You must have passion, integrity, confidence, and humility. You must know when to push your team, and when to listen. When things get tough, you have to maintain a positive attitude, and have the endurance to push through all adversity. A great leader understands sacrifice and will do whatever it takes to see their teammates succeed. You must learn to be flexible, and modify yourself to any change in schedule without complaining. Always show up fully prepared, and understand the power of self awareness. You must be fully aware of your actions and how those actions affect others around you.

You are a role model who should lead by example, but also a scout who is aware of your team’s tendencies.

Once you know how certain people react to certain types of motivation, you can truly help others when they need it most. Never demand, always encourage, and understand your role is to be a great communicator on a level playing field, not a dictator high on a pedestal. Stay humble, stay focused, and have a great season!

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