Are Camera’s Safe?

For many years American’s have faced many issue regarding their identity all the way down to terrorist and kids being kidnapped. One way the government brought up was being able to microchip everyone to insure their safety. One of the biggest problems we face today is individuals being kidnapped and our identity being stolen from others. Do you feel that if we were to install microchips in everyone would this be a good ideal? Will this be safe or not? The microchip would be inserted into your arm under your skin and just from that chip you can access just about anything such as personal information and even when someone is missing. I think that it has its pro’s and con’s, but we most definitely have to look at every aspect of life and consider all others around us. Think about when kids are being kidnapped, with the microchip in the child’s arm we could easily find their location and the kidnapper and get the child back to their parents. Not only when children are abducted but this could work with anyone. The big question is “Should it be only for certain ages or everyone? Should they only be implanted into criminals arms so that they can be aware of their location at all times. All of these are a great ideal, but one thing to think about is that will we still have privacy to our lives or will we willing to give up that right for safety. In the circle Dave eggers discuss this same issue. During the meeting Francis discussing with Mae that the chip would be put into the child’s arm; “it’s easy, take two seconds, and it’s medically sound, and instantly it works.” Mae mentions in the story that the chips could have caused a murder and that is something to think about because we have so many hackers now. What if somebody hacked someone’s chip and was able to track them down and murder them? I think the microchip could be very useful only under certain circumstances. If we didn’t have to worry about our location being shared or our information being stolen the microchip could really become useful to everyone and make things easier.

Another thing we seem to be focusing on more now are cameras being put up around certain cities and even now recommended to be on law enforcement uniforms. Over the years there has been so many murders and so many families with unanswered questions still today. There has been more police brutalities more now than ever before and now many people are questioning their safety around law enforcements. There have been many questions raised about body cameras going on law enforcement uniforms from not only citizens’ but police officers themselves. These body cameras can be very helpful and beneficial to all of us; if a crime does occur during a call there will be proof on what actually occurred at that time. Cameras don’t lie. Lt. Matt Kelm, chief of Chippewa Falls Police Department, states “When in doubt, we’ll tell them to record.” How can we trust them to record? Believe it or not but there are some crazy officers out here that target only the black communities and have no problem hurting them. Do you think those kind of law enforcements will record? Of course not because they now know that they are being watched if they turn the body camera’s on. In the book, the circle, they start their own transparency plan, which was them just putting SeeChange camera across the campus and even in Mae’s room so that they can watch Mae and other circlers. Just like with the body cameras on the law enforcement the same goes with Camera’s in Mae’s pod; this could run into a privacy problem, but the good thing is that they will be able to watch what she is doing on day-to-day basis. Body cameras can become a big help to most families only if they are used correctly and efficiently.

Cameras have also been installed around certain cities and me personally think this is a wonderful ideal. No one ever knows when someone is going to get murdered or even assaulted by another person and in today’s society this happens a lot and has increased tremendously over the years. The biggest issue with there being so many murders happening is that the families are not being able to get justice for that loved one which makes it harder on them when there is no closer. Think about the Heather Elvis case, where a teen was kidnapped and killed by a couple and still has yet found the body of the teenager. What if there were camera’s installed in the streets, do you think there would have been a different ending? Myrtle Beach has installed over 800 cameras just in that city itself. Many people may think this is a privacy issue but when you are out there is no privacy especially when it comes down to murder cases. The violence had increased and still is increasing daily throughout certain cities and it leaves families with unanswered question and memories to grieve off on. Majority of the incidents happen in the streets so with cameras’ being installed there will be a better chance that the criminals are caught and justice being brought to those families. More cities are now thinking about putting cameras up for those reasons. It most definitely will be make the place safer and people will feel more comfortable going out.

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