Do we have Privacy?

For most adults, free time for them use to be going outside playing with friends, spending time with family or even working on a project at home. Today, it consist of texting on iPhone, searching the internet, and spending time on numerous social media accounts; teens now days have more things to distract them from important things in life than the older adults had in their time. Could we really go without technology in today’s society? I think we can all agree that we depend on technology to make it through our everyday lives; we can’t go anywhere without our cell phones it just wouldn’t feel right without them because we are so used to having them daily. Every day the world is changing and technology plays a big role in the changes made today. Although, technology has made a great impact on society and made things easier for us to access, it also has its downfall with many of us today. Have, we as people, became too dependent on technology? With the use of computers, cellphones, and tablets, we expect things to come back to us faster than before like text messages; we demand instant response from others because we all know it is possible now for someone to respond to a text faster than it was years before. Even with research, technology has saved us time and allowed us to access material in minutes so we don’t actually take the time out and read things because we expect the internet to just spit it out to us. According to Rosen, “we don’t have the tolerance to wait anymore.” Technology has made us expect an instant response from other. Dave Eggers illustrates this issue when Annie gets upset because Mae doesn’t respond to her text me in a timely matter. “Starting to freak out a little. Why aren’t you answering me?” We aren’t impatience with just text messaging but also when we are on the phone or out shopping; before a customer stands in a line for a long time they will either try to go to another store with a shorter line or just go online and order it that way. How long are you willing to wait in line before you become impatience? “A recent Associated Press poll found that Americans start to feel impatient after 5 minutes on hold on the phone or 15 minutes in line. In the book the circle, after 25 minutes she become furious because Mae has yet responded to her message. We all can relate to Annie becoming impatience with Mae because we do it every day; the more technology changes the quicker we expect a response. We are so used to everything to technology being able to do so much for us we don’t take the time out to do things by ourselves. We automatically think others aren’t busy so we expect them to respond to us as soon as they receive it. I think we depend on technology too much and it takes the fun out of everything we do.

Although Americans value privacy, technology has come and snatched that right from under us and we haven’t even noticed because we are so amazed by how technology has changed. Do you ever think and realize that everything you post on social media accounts can be read by anyone on the internet? Now jobs are going to social media accounts to check out your post before they hire you because we tend to judge people on what they post and those post is what describe you the most. We don’t never think on why social media accounts wants you to post so much information about yourself; even when we apply for things online such as credit cards we have to put in certain information and most websites say they are protected your information, but who really does have access to these things? If you know a person’s date and location, you can increasingly simple to predict the social security number.” In the Circle, Mae goes to a presentation with Francis, which is an online dating service program, and just by analyzing Mae’s data they can pull up her information such as her food allergies and what places she like to eat and things she dislikes all because of the things that are out there on the internet. Mae doesn’t realize that the things she post are now used publicity and neither do we. Once again I say this takes the fun out of everything because just by what you post on the internet anyone can tell you everything about yourself before you guys even get to go out on a date. Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? With the use of the internet and how much information we put out in social media or other website anybody can get access to any of our information if they wanted to. Now a days we call them hackers, a person who can gain unauthorized information. Another thing that really catches my attention is that we leave on location on our phones and even when we post things on social media such as Facebook it automatically post your location. In today’s society, at the age of 10 kids are creating not only Facebook accounts but other accounts as well; we don’t stop to think that there are actually crazy people in the world and some people make accounts just to get to other people like rapist. I think that it is not safe to allow the internet to be able to detect your location for simple reason as a child rapist going out and searching for these kids because their location is available.

Overall the internet can be useful source for us, but it all depends on how people use them and how we use them. A lot of people suffer from low self- esteem so they depend on the internet to build that up. There are many social networks out there like online dating website, Facebook, and twitter; people use these accounts to build a different character so that others will accept them and they feel more secure behind the internet simple because they don’t accept the way they are or they are dealing with other issues in the world. Dave Eggers illustrates this when the circle makes the TruYou website, which combines all social interactions into one’s identity. So online they are totally a different person. In today’s society, people may upload information they are not about them just to build their self-esteem up and to feel accepted in today’s world. In the circle, Mercer tells Mae that she need to work on her online identity because it is important with her job and the circle and so that others can understand her more. Technology has helped us in so many ways, but there is deeper things to think about other than the ways it has helped us because it has its con’s in today’s society. I feel like we don’t have privacy at all because of the way the internet has improved over the last couple of years. Who can we trust with our information?