We all experience leadership directly and/or indirectly, and we are all also capable of being leaders. No, management isn’t leadership, but the process of managing people and situations does exist, it’s necessary. Within a job role someone can be in a management position, but this doesn’t necessarily make them a good leader. Some people may boil these down to semantics, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. Situations do need to be managed while people want to be led.

I spent years in college learning about what leadership entails during my time in ROTC before entering the real world as a Military Officer, then having to put what I learned to use. Anyone who knows the structure of Military organizations knows that NCOs are the backbone; they work their way up and earn their presence as leaders in their organizations. Officers by title are expected to lead, and a certain authority/respect is given by default. As an Officer, I learned that you could lose respect quickly in various ways: not being fit, not being competent, not standing up for your soldiers, and not addressing your team’s issues. …

I’ve had the pleasure of using Vue since early last year, and have also been a Typescript fan. In a previous project I used React with Typescript, and it was a seamless experience. With Vue I had somewhat stayed clear of combining them both, but as of Vue version 2.5 there has been some improvements with support. See by Evan You.

In this post I will assume you already have some experience with Vue and Typescript, so you’ve most likely bought into the why you should/could use the framework and tools together. If you would like to know why you should use Vue or Typescript, drop me a note in the comments for a follow up. My goal in this post is to guide you step by step on how to set up a project from scratch, using the vue-cli to end state a working Vue app integrated with Typescript. Also, I’ll cover some issues you might encounter. Some blog posts only show the best case scenario with everything working correctly out the gate, while my experience at times, has been the opposite. I’d like to add there are various starter typescript and Vue projects out there. …


Tirell Mckinnon

I’m a Leader & Software Engineer, some interest of mine are tech, leadership, investing, and continuous learning.

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