Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hopefully this weekend will be less expensive than last.

Friday: My boss is taking the company out to lunch and then a nearby bar. I don’t know if he’s going to cover drinks, so I’ll hesitatingly put $15 here for that. This evening, a friend and I are meeting for dinner. I’m making a promise to myself to NOT get a fancy drink and instead only have water, so $20 for that.

Saturday: Biking to farmer’s market and grabbing eggs ($5). A friend is visiting town and we’re going on a brewery tour. I already purchased the tickets, so I’m not counting that. I will probably buy a beer or two ($10–12). Then, we will probably grab dinner or lunch before he leaves ($15–20).

Sunday: No spend day. I plan on going to the gym and then doing work at home. But I will put paying my credit card balance here, because it will affect my checking account and budget for next week ($350).

Total: $70ish, fun stuff. ($415ish including bills).