Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This weekend is going to involve some traveling, which means I’m probably gonna go over my daily budget of $25, but in preparation I haven’t spent any $$ since Monday.

Today: $25 for gas. I’ll go to the gym after work and then have left overs for dinner and read.

Tomorrow: Driving upstate for a farewell party for two friends who are both moving out of state. It’s gonna be emotional and probably the last time I’ll ever visit the town where I used to live, so I’m gonna say $25 on booze and at least $30 on eating all the food I used to love there. Most sad of all: my dog is BFF’s with my friends’ dogs and this is the last time they will ever see each other probably. It hurts my heart to think about.

Sunday: $25 for gas and then maybe $15 for a good-bye brunch. Lots of crying $0.

Total: $80–120.

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