A few valuable tips if you are visiting Goa for the first time

You have a long weekend next month, and your friends are planning to have a quick tour to Goa? It’s a great decision. If you are in the proximity of 300 kilometers from Goa, then there is no other ideal place for a three-day bonanza. With the sun-kissed beaches, towering monuments and the best of the events; it is an unmatched destination for fun and frolic. Every year, thousands of people from worldwide go there and spend a gala time in the resorts, beaches, and the best clubs in Goa. The place mesmerizes you with its colonial beauty and incredible lifestyle.

Where to stay is not a problem in Goa

When you are Goa, stop worrying about three things; eating, boozing and sleeping. Each and every Goa bar and restaurant carries some specialty. Places like Titos Club Goa are famous for supreme ambiance, stupendous food and unlimited beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Fun is everywhere in Goa, regardless of the place you stay. Panjim, the capital place is preferred to hang out by many people. However, you can choose some quiet places if you wish to. Since Panjim is on the North side and the top-rated beaches are at a stone’s throw distance, it is a better choice to stay. There are some prestigious and world-famous night clubs in north Goa. You should have deep pockets for enjoying the best time in Goa.

Pros and cons of staying in Panjim or Calangute

If you stay in Panjim, certainly there are fabulous choices for food and beverages. Also, you have a plenty of accommodation in the region, so the rates drop drastically during the off-peak season. Connectivity is better, and you always have a crowd around. However, you have only one beach in the proximity, and there is a limited nightlife. To conclude, it is not a place for party animals. Families have a great time there, though.

If you stay in Calangute, then the top-rated night life in Goa awaits for you there. The world-famous beaches are quite close to the hotel or resort you are checking in. If you are a hard core non-vegetarian, then you would love the authentic seafood and other varieties of meat served in Goa restaurants. However, for veggies, it is a problem. You will have to stay in places like Titos Baga Goa where they take care of choices of all guests.

Plan a quick trip to Goa and carry a bunch of sweet memories at home!