Two Festivals add splendid colors to the lush green backdrop of Goa during Monsoon

Some places are enjoyable when you travel with friends or family. Some places are essentially made for solo travelers. Goa is a place that is enjoyable in any situation. Wandering, sightseeing, getting adventurous or enjoying night beach party in Goa; every color of it is simply fabulous. You spend a memorable vacation there without feeling the single bit of it lonely. Whether it is season or off-season, the splendor of Goa is just beyond comparison. With a full spectrum of food, fun, and festivals, it throws uncountable fun and frolic moments to the tourists.

There is a lot of fun there during Monsoon

Sun, sand and the seashore; these are prominent identities of Goa. Though not a popular tourist place, you can have mind-blowing excitement in Goa during the Monsoon season. Certainly you have feeble chances of enjoying the famous Goa beach party because of rains; there is a plethora of indoor excitements waits for you. Those who visit Goa during the rainy season admire the enthralling beauty of the place which is totally different from the sun-soaked Goa in the summers or winters.

The rainy months bring spectacular festivals that reflect the rich cultural tradition of this magnificent island. Here are three examples:

  • Chikhalkala: Typically, it is celebrated in the month of June or July when the rains are at the peak. The festival is associated with the playful activities of Lord Krishna and his friends. Since the grounds have puddles of water due to heavy rains, there is ample opportunity of enjoying a splash in the slushy water. Many games are organized by people for youth and kids, and there are prizes and awards. Tourists also have a lot of fun along with local people. After having great fun in the mud, participants take a bath and visit the temple of Lord Krishna. The ceremony ends by distributing sweets, fruits, and other delicious stuff. Hotels and restaurants in Goa serve special platters to mark the occasion.
  • Bonderam: It is another important festival celebrated on the 4th Saturday of the August month. Divar Island is the main place where this festival is celebrated with the full galore. Mock battles, colorful processions, spectacular floats, and bands are the prime attraction of this festival.

You know a lot about the New Year celebration, Carnival and colorful Christmas party in Goa, but these unique festivals reveal unusually spectacular colors that you would cherish forever.

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