Trump Has Won Already, Pay More Attention

Trump won the 2016 election last year, when the party of Abraham Lincoln refused to repudiate his unprecedented white nationalist campaign. Trump leads an authoritarian revolution, centred around the dehumanisation of women to brainless sex objects, and the legitimisation of outright racist sentiment against Brown and Black people and embodies every negative stereotype of American ignorance. Winning the Republican nomination was simply taken for entertainment by the American populace whilst the media raked up profits sensationalising his every move.

Trump polls ahead with White Men .And 50–60% of whites believe this raging extremist is a reasonable choice for the world’s most powerful man. His lowest polls still project for him at least a third of the overall electorate despite scandal, ignorance and controversy. These core supporters are the angry individuals who sanction and perpetrate the state murder of minorities via law enforcement and perpetuate covert discrimination in education, health and work.

This man has a 50/50 shot at being the next President of the United States. The nation lauded for progressiveness in electing a Liberal Black Man as President twice, is also capable of regressing and electing a white supremacist. The fear and anger of the American electorate was evidenced the rise of Occupy Wall St, the Tea Party and Bernie Sanders, but none has come as close to power as the Presidential Candidacy of Donald J Trump.

When you are highly educated,urban, middle-class and avowedly liberal, the concept of wrongness becomes alien and remote. Indeed, your rational, informed outlook leads you to believe that logic, justice and tolerance either own or will conquer the hearts and minds of the masses. Within this mindset, it is impossible that a vulgar, white supremacist, serial misogynist like Trump to even dream of power. It’s masterful self-deception, akin to Les Miserables’ vaunted revolutionaries or white people who believe the police aren’t institutionally racist. I applaud the effort, but as always you were wrong. I even fell for the media narrative in Britain that Brexit was an impossibility, and yet on the 23rd of June, we emphatically voted ‘Out’ of the E.U suprastate. Conventional logic has been abandoned by voters, fed up with hyper-capitalism, the growth of inequality and the remoteness of representative democracy from the people.

The people are dissatisfied with the Status Quo. When Trump rails against special interests, unfair trade, the stagnancy of Washington, he diagnoses the failures of our society. However, his wrecking ball vision of destroying the political orthodoxy and racial and class harmony, is not the answer, but a tempting vision nonetheless. Win or Lose on November 9th, that vision is firmly and perniciously entrenched in the American Psyche.

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