Another Medium think-piece on why the Democrats keep losing

It’s not their ideas — it’s that their base can’t vote

There are 3 reasons Democrats keep losing:

  1. Gerrymandering: The GOP control it and were dicks about it
  2. Citizens United
  3. The Breakup of the Voter Rights Act of 1965 (Georgia)

These three events (2010–2013) taken together is the reason Democrats keep losing it is not about ideas, it is about systematic voter suppression and bags of money.

I repeat it is not about the Dems being toxic, out of ideas, etc. blah blah emails.

You can’t win if your base can’t vote.

The push for the Democratic Party to reach out to populist Trump voters, or go soft on abortion or other dumb shit to expand into Republican’s ignorant white base normalizes and accepts the symptomatic racist voter suppression tactics of the Republicans.

The Democrats need to make voter access their number one topic — if they can’t win in the legislature they need to win in the courts, if these laws were struck down Democrats would win so much they would get bored of winning.