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I’d recommend to reflect on the Lockean Proviso and what Geolibertarianism has to offer today, where increasingly, ownership of capital, ideas, land, customer awareness accumulate for reasons not defensible on grounds of justice.

UBI can be an awful idea, where it takes from workers to give to all, but workers are increasingly not those who receive income streams, already, anyway. The income distribution increasingly consists of returns from capital, decreasingly of returns from labor. Now if instead, a UBI is financed by burdening rental incomes, or more specifically, rental incomes that are (also) derived from non-labor valuation of assets and products, to give to everyone, it can be a solid idea. Also from a Keynesian perspective, to support greater market incomes for workers and dignified employment prospects. If it is stabilizing aggregate demand vs GDP.

So the details and objective of a UBI are hugely important. I tend to say that only a UBI demanded by the broad middle of the population will live up to most of the expectations that people might hold of it.

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