Make a difference for people who are indulging in work ethic.

How to?

Take em seriously and encourage em to take themselves seriously. To take their own wants and needs, and their own drives, seriously. Encourage, guide or inspire em to take a step back for a second and stop thinking what might be the best for the country or whatever, and instead ask oneself, “what’d be the best for me? For the people I directly care about?”. And from there, they can reflect on how to align those things they would want for themselves, with the wills of everyone else/the country.

It takes nurturing some more self interest in those people who hold strong work ethics, and/or who fear handouts and dependency, to align their goals with the reality of human wants and needs. Right now, they rather try to ignore or suppress their self interests, for the greater good or for ‘making sure that everything doesn’t crash and burn’ or whatever. Instead of confronting their own desires, instead of coming to cherish some of their own desires as mutually beneficial for others.

People like to feel in control, so if they come to think that their own deprivation is needed to make the world go round, then they’ll be very fervent about depriving themselves. It’s an active process that, in their views, ‘helps to make the world go round’, after all.

Take people seriously so they can come to question if they really do need to be increasingly deprived.