People may reward each other according to whatever notion of contribution their social consensus…
Jack du Rose

Now you did mention

any individual’s merit within a colony is calculated through systematic peer review of completed work

But given freelancers can move arbitrarily between projects, I don’t really see how reliable these peer reviews would be. At the end of the day it appears like a popularity contest to me, especially the more complex the projects get.

Feel free to elaborate how this might be avoidable!

Also to come back to this, there’s many actors that work outside of the enclosed space of the system, who do contribute as well but are not participated in company resource usage rights, despite increasing such resources by peripheral activity.

This reminds me that externalizing costs might get quite compelling, if working in this organizational form only.

edit: tl;dr I’m pretty aware of the concept of the commons at this point, and wonder how this integrates with this increasingly important economic paradigm.

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