I just spent an hour washing plates. My fingers are raw and look like prunes, so I might as well make them numb by typing my thoughts, thoughts is in plural because there is a myriad of them.

Thought 1: My hands are really small and they look like baby fingers especially right now that they are pruny, Also, I need to get my nails done.

Thought 2: Can I itemize my thoughts? Or am I flouting a writing rule by outlining my thoughts in a list. Or in this case do I have poetic license to write the way I want to since it is my piece and not an article to be submitted in for scrutiny? Also, not many people will read it anyway. Sub thought: is poetic license the right term to use here?

Thought 3: I really want to be a millionaire in my 20s, and everyday the zeal to make a lot of money surpasses that to pursue my passion, especially considering I am not entirely sure that my passion is my passion.

Thought 4: Is it really palatable trying to be independent when I have no source of income and am broke 60% of the time? Will I die if I let people pay for my things? Is being a sugar baby that bad ?

Thought 5: I am tired of typing and laziness has taken over but this it’s too short to end here and I don’t even have a conclusion so what do I do now.

Thought 6: am I experiencing writer’s block or am I just lazy and not even bothering to task my brain?

Thought 7: Grapes are so nice when they are frozen.

Thought 8: If I resolve to be a sugar baby do I even have what it takes? Am I bad enough?

Thought 9: omg Damola think of a conclusion.

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