5 teens Journey towards Start-up success: TiwiTalk

TiwiTalk formed in July of 2015. But we weren’t always headed in the direction that we are now…

Our team actually began working together to create Wistings.com , a company that enhanced your browser through customer feedback that determined your search results… However, our team was torn between intellectual interest in the idea and skepticism over its feasibility. We came to realize that the feasibility was not important, but the fact that we weren’t all passionate about the idea was.

What happened? Our team crumbled, our idea ruptured, and in the end we pivoted our idea completely. The root of our team’s motivation to continue together was because we all knew that we had a good team that respected one another. We used our creative energy to drive the creation of a new product, an idea, and a concept that could capture all of our minds and attentions into a project that we knew would revolutionize today’s communication systems. We spent the next 4 and a half hours from 11:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. discussing our new product, brainstorming, concepts and developing our action plan. Our vision for the company has developed further as we have come to further recognize the true, although sometimes unnoticed, flaws of text communication. I am proud to say that our website mock up and 1st prototype have been finished and more adventure awaits us as we continue on this journey! Follow our 5teensjourney @tiwitalk on FB and Twitter.