During the summer of 1956, a group of researchers gathered at the top floor of the math department at Dartmouth College. They met to discuss neuron nets, language processing, neural networks, among other things — all aspects of the overarching focus of the workshop: simulating human intelligence. To help with the fundraising for the conference, they needed a catchier title, however. John McCarthy, who organized the workshop decided to call it “artificial intelligence”. This meeting galvanized a new era of AI, fueling the field with newfound optimism and funding. The subsequent twenty years are often referred to as “the golden…

Newly widowed Martha acquires an android of her passed away boyfriend in an episode of the show, Black Mirror. Its body is a meticulous reconstruction of her former boyfriend, its conversational responses are perfectly logical, its skills in bed are exceptional. The life-like robot is an optimized version of her passed away boyfriend.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, we will have the ability to produce “flawless” creations in any creative field. We will forfeit creative agency and increasingly rely on optimized AI-generated solutions. This capacity will in many ways serve us well. We will be able to construct buildings…


Musings on technology, design, the city and the mind. www.tjeldflaat.com

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