Dear John Key

Dear John,

The time has come around again when New Zealanders are to vote for who they would prefer to lead the country. I personally feel that over the 6 years that you have been ‘leading’ this fine country you’ve let a few things slip and go unaccounted for. Luckily you’ve got me here to help you John because some big changes need to be made.

When asked why your kids go to private schools you answered “mostly for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced then most state schools.” You’re quoted to have said this in 2005 (Labour -2014) and we should have instantly heard the warning bells ringing for our public education system. John, you’ve said it yourself, more money and effort needs to be put into New Zealand’s education system and you should be the one responsible for these changes, seeing as you are our prime minister.

No offence John but the way you regard nature and the environment is slightly terrifying. You’re well known to support mining in New Zealand’s national parks and sanctuaries, these including ; Pureora Forest Park — home to native trees ageing up to 1000 years, Maui’s sanctuary —where the remaining 55 endangered Maui dolphins are situated and The Chatham Rise — New Zealand’s most productive fishing ground. (Green conservation-2014) I can’t be the only New Zealander that is disgusted to find out you support this.

People say you’re all about the money John, but since you’ve been the prime minister the economy has only risen by 0.4 percent so apparently all your “hard work” isn’t paying off? Clearly you’re a very selfish man as after doing some research, I see that the average New Zealander being payed MINIMUM WAGE pays 28% tax while you, John, pay 2.8% (The Daily Blog-2014). This is 10 times higher just in case you’re unable to do the math. This information goes to show that your system is only benefiting the super rich.

Since you have been in power John, New Zealand’s unemployment rate has risen by 50% leaving 157000 people without work. This could be a contributing factor to why 100,000 people have left to move to Australia even after you promised you would stop the brain drain. (The Standard-2014).

After reading all these things John any person with half a brain could come to the conclusion that you don’t care about; students, animals, nature or low income families. It’s not a good look. You’re not charismatic and New Zealand could do a lot better.

Its not me John, it’s you.

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