The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen

One of my favourite places on Earth has to be the small beach cove across from my house. I love it here because every memory i have here is fond and chill, it’s a place I come to clear my head and it’s so close to home I never feel unsafe. Though the waves are harsh and the shore is rocky it’s always a very comfortable place to be, this is probably because I love the idea that there’s a whole other eco-system beneath the waves and also that the sea connects me to every other continent and country.

As a country surrounded by nothing but ocean it’s easy to take it for granted but for me sitting in my little cove at night and watching the lights on boats across the water never ceases to entertain me. To others this spot might not be so special but this is because alot of its value to me because of cherished memories, it’s sentimental.

This place is by no means “idylic” or “beautiful” in any traditional terms but when I’m there I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It’s so easy to get caught up and not stop to think, sometimes it’s good to be alone and clear your head.